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Where else can you visit the world in a day, but between the covers of a good book?

Welcome to the Bentworth High School Library,
where students are always welcome!

The High School Library is open daily from 7:15 am until 2:42 pm, but you can find Mrs. Morrell in there before those hours and after most days! We love to have students in the library researching, reading and studying.

The library is a quiet place that all can visit to relax for a minute or two and then delve into the wonderful world of books. We offer many new titles and update yearly. We are always looking for student input for new titles!

Library aides positions are filled at the beginning of the school year. Students may sign up to be a library aide during their study halls with shelving books, check-ins, inventory, and various other items that are completed on a daily basis.

Many classes utilize the library for research projects. We have books that can accommodate many areas of research, but if you cannot find it here, just ask and we will try to get it from our interlibrary loan program.

The library has also been a great place to see the projects that our students at Bentworth have completed. Stop in to see the talents many of our students display!

Stop in we would love to share our books with you!